Candida Gone: I had Candida so badly that not only was I exhausted for years on end, but the fungus had migrated to my eyes and ears. It was like looking out through sheets of waxed paper. My ears buzzed and rang non-stop. I itched all over, especially at night when it was so bad it would wake me from a deep sleep. I had many other symptoms and tried many cures, none of which worked until I tried MMS. I had to change my diet to a very low carb diet because sugar feeds yeast. I don’t think you can get better if you continue eating the standard American diet, so I modified my diet to include almost no grains, no sugars of any kind, and very limited fruit. You must do this in order to recover. I had found a product called Syclovir that did a great job at holding the symptoms at bay, but there was no cure even after a year on the product. Then I read that MMS could help kill Candida so I took 7 drops 4 times per day and began to see improvement. I think it’s been about 2 months of this approach and my energy is sky high. I can tolerate more carbs now with no symptoms. I feel great and I know it’s because of the MMS. In addition, MMS has reversed the arthritis I had in my toes and it must have cleaned out my veins because I can now exert myself and not become out of breath. What a miracle MMS has proved to be in my life! —Kathryn